23 May, 2014

Just Remember THESE!

Tuday! the waiting time! haha.. JUST KIDDING! 

hari ni sebenarnya hari yang amatlah disyukuri , Alhamdulillah ! sebab apa ? sebab aku dapat A BM! 
'alah tu je?'
mestilah . dulu masa UJIAN 1 aku dapat C kot B.Melayu . 68, huh . tapi harini dengan gembiranya dapat jugak 82 . A hujung tanduk . walaupun hujung tanduk , aku tetap dapat A kann .. harap result BM ni leh kekal . time exam BM , memang tak cukup masa lah , buat karangan umum , dah lah trend PMR dengan PT3 ni lain . memang kena workhard lah . so , bab blogging ni i need to rest it for 4 months . dah dapat result barulah aku start blogging . although i get A for BM its doesn't mean that i don't have to study ! NO! it only have 4 months to study ! u nee to give your best on this !
okay! ujian 1 still format PMR , aku dapat 6A2C , Geografi dan B.Melayu C . 
so Ujian 2 ni , i don't know yet the result but i need to get 7A or 6A only . Target untuk Ujian 2 . dan pasni ada percubaan PT3 pulak . and then barulah PT3 yang tak tau hala tuju ni . i have to get 8A's . tapi Sejarah dan Geografi kan tak masuk exam . so i dont know but i have to get straight A's ! the flying colours! yeke ? entah la idiom eden tu . huhu .
huh . so , dalam ujian-ujian yang mendatang ! aku kena list apa yang aku nak dalam hidup ni and macam mana nak dapat straight a dalam PT3 nanti .

-lihat tarikh luput! 


okay , sorry2 , tringat iklan tv 9 pulak !

-Membaca ! i need more reading ! to get more ideas for my essay either essay for english or bahasa melayu
-latih tubi ! i need to do more exercises for my mathematics but i don't have the mathematics exercise book because all in SMO or book stores sell the PBS books not the PT3 one.. 
-Library ! more reading , more studying !
-saves the time wisely! i have to !because the time is like gold ! it is too precious for us ! so don't waste any time with no objective things or wasteful things! it's not good for us !
-don't let the laziness step on you! you have to fight the LAZINESS because it's the most one which do not let us to success! u need to fight it! 
-also need to help mum or daddy in any works ! it's the best thing that i have to do too . if our parents got upset with us , we cant get their blessings or their pray for us to Allah . so don't forget our parents because they also the factor for us ti get success ! 
-remember Allah ! always ! because without HIS word , our dream will never come true , so if i get something or what thing that i love the most in my life i need to say Alhamdulillah , when i was sad i need to say Subhanallah , when i'm made mistake to HIM , i need to say Astaghfirullahalazim . and also to my beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W .

that all my notes for today . i need to start all of this tomorrow ! actually i cant do that , but it already 11.30 PM, so ow can i do in the midnight ? hehe . lot of comments! JUST SLEEP SYUHADA ! dont burn the midnight oil !it's don't good for your health , your mind , your face , your body , your eyes and so on ! REMEMBER THOSE! 

i will tell you my result for my PKBS2 next week , maybe ? INSYAALLAH! :D

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