14 February, 2017

Kereta motor & cikgu

Hai. Hari ni aku 03 kereta, and aku terpksa bangun awal, dah berminggu aku bangun awal tau sebab ada kelas kereta motor jahit. Aku sangatlah busy sejak bermenjak ni. And guess what, I’m really not into my teacher, en. Fahad. Seriously, when my driving class for 02, I am really expecting an old teacher would be my driving teacher. So he would be nice, and not a strict person. Beyong my expectation, a sam who caught my eyes when the first time I came to this driving school. I just thought, it would be awesome if I got this teacher, but at that time my mum said I need to get a female teacher so that no male teacher would flirty on me. Okay. I would never got him. And, finally, just like waking up from long sleep, I got him as my teacher when he called me. Ah, In front of me. Yeah. Why him? Why? He was a real unpunctual guy. He said, we will learn driving at 10am. And we start driving on 11.30am. what the. I need to wait there for him for hours sometimes. Eventually he is eating. Haha. I was hungry, and he made me wait, and he was eating. Hahaaaa.
When the lesson begin. Yeah. He wasn’t asking where do u live? How old? Introduction. Well, he was really strict. I don’t even know how to drive the manual car, but he taught me like I was the manual driving expert?haha. be patient. When 02 is over, I guess he would call me after 3 weeks. But fortunately, it’s only takes 5days when  my mum straight forwardly said that I should be tested early. And here it is. Maybe a long journey, the tragedy for me, I shall wake up early in every morning. What a bother.
About the motorcar driving. It was truly ashamed. Well. I fail on the ‘titi’ test, the cone one. And the ‘bonggol’. I felt like I’m the worst one when I knocked down one of the cones. Its was an amazing experience for me. And it was truly embarrassing moments.

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